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WhatsApp Channels: A Revolutionary Update In WhatsApp to Elevate Your Brand

Sep 21, 2023

WhatsApp Channels: a revolutionary update in WhatsApp to elevate your brand

WhatsApp Channel is like an account on social media for which you have turned on the notification. The feature allows you to get updates from organisations, sports teams, artists, and thought leaders that you like to follow directly on WhatsApp. It is like public information that you like to get served privately.

Mark Zuckerberg personally introduced this feature on his newly created WhatsApp channel, expressing his enthusiasm for unveiling WhatsApp Channels as a novel, private means for users to receive updates from individuals and organisations they follow. He disclosed that his channel would primarily serve to share Meta-related news and updates.

Meta initially introduced Channels on WhatsApp to users in Colombia and Singapore in June. By July, it had expanded this feature to seven additional countries. Channels reside within a dedicated tab on the app, ensuring that the channels you follow remain hidden from others. Furthermore, the personal information associated with your account, including your phone number, remains concealed from both administrators and followers.

While the core function of a channel still revolves around one-to-many communication through broadcast messages, the company has incorporated interactive features, such as the ability to react with emojis. Users will also be able to view the total count of reactions below each message.

A Guide to creating a WhatsApp Channel


Update WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to the latest version that was released on September 13.


  • Open WhatsApp on your device and go to the Updates tab.
  • Tap the + button against Channels and select Create Channel. .


  • Click on Continue and follow the screen prompts. .
  • Provide a suitable name and description for your channel and Continue..
  • Tap on Create Channel .
  • To invite new members, click on the channel link and copy the link to invite people to follow your channel or directly send the link via WhatsApp .


With its global launch, WhatsApp will provide an improved directory for discovering channels based on your geographical location. This list can be sorted by newness, activity level, and popularity. Whenever users forward an update from a channel to a group or individual, it will include a link back to the original channel.

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